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Interview Paper

My grandfather recently passed away 6 months ago. So I have personally witnessed my grandmother go through the grieving process as well as deal with her own sickness. Unfortunately my grandmother will have to enter a nursing home because my mother can no longer tend to her needs. This is a difficult time for my family because my grandmother doesn't want to go into a nursing home, but she requires 24/7 care. For my interview I chose the neighbors mother who’s situation, age and lifestyle are very similar to my grandmother’s. Her name is Lucy and she is 82 yrs. old living with her oldest daughter. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome to the questions I asked her.

We conducted the interview in her home
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However, she did mention that she didn’t understand what young people saw in rap music. She said it is so negative and its causing young people to do bad things, but she assumed that it was just a phase that most will grow out of. Lucy remains busy by singing in her church choir. That seems to be the only outlet she has. Although choir rehearsal is twice a week, Lucy has been able to make it at least once a week. I know that there are people who do this with their church but I did not realize that some of them were much older adults. I think these activities help to prevent disengagement theory from being present in her life. She is so involved with church and it’ activities that she gets to continually interact with people and not lose that social connection to others. Lucy mentioned that she talks to someone from her church family at least 4 times a week and her church family fills that empty void left by the death of her husband. Her daughter lives with her and she plays the role of mother by doing the cooking and cleaning and not allowing Lucy to do anything for fear of hurting herself. This living condition does not make Lucy happy. .

In the book “Issues In Aging” by Mark Novak, the author speaks about people achieving a greater spirituality later in life. He mentions that many older people feel a stronger connection to religion and have a strong religious faith as they age. Lucy mentioned in

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