Gerontology and Gerontic Nursing Practice

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NRS 353 Gerontology and Gerontic Nursing Practice Assignment 2: Assignment Questions Questions and Answers about Elderly People and Patients Submitted by: Fujimi Sakai Student No: 11413992 Lecturer’s Name: Christine Haley Due date: 25 January 2010 Date of submission: 25 January 2010 Introduction Health of older people has some issues which nurses should know. Older people tend to suffer some health problems, however, some people do not know about problems of older people and may treat them wrongly. These are some questions and answers below whose topics may be well-known but misunderstood. Nurses need to know scientific truth about health and health problems of older people and should reject myths of them which may be…show more content…
These ways could protect the patients from injuries if they tried to wander. She also described adapting design of the facilities for the older patients, for example, using subdued colour in order to calm down 2 the older patients who are agitated and wander. Replacing liner corridor with connected passages that encourage the patient wander around on their own pace in the facility. These ways could reduce the patients who are wandering or cases of injury from wandering. The important thing to remember is the alternatives to physical restraints are not one. The alternative ways of the restraints can be mixed for fitting the individual’s behaviour of wandering. The alternative approaches to reduce the risk of wander may not be known as wide as a means of physical restraint. So, it would be important to extend knowledge of the alternatives in the workplace. Q 5: Define the term delirium Delirium is defined as “a transient disturbance in cognitive and attentional function, characterised by a fluctuating course and an alteration in the conscious state” (Street, 2004, p. 140). According to Luggen (2004, pp. 573-574), delirium is a common clinical condition for older patients and it often caused by emergency surgery and chemotherapy. The symptoms of delirium are reducing abilities to maintain and process attention both internal and external

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