Gerry And Abbie: Play Analysis

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• The opening play was fine, but not necessary. I didn’t come here to be entertained. I really disliked the train video. I was totally fine about sending my child to college. I felt like you were trying to purposely upset parents so you could swoop in and make it better. It was way too hokey and dramatic. David was a great master of ceremonies. I like the laid back, silly (squirrel prank) yet professional approach. I felt like the Crucial Campus Issues discussion breakouts was another area where staff was trying to create problems where none exist. I saw it as an attempt to create drama. It was ridiculous that we were supposed to take a stand on very vaguely asked questions. Then when we took a stand, we were questioned on our reasoning. The answers always lead back to…show more content…
• David Trillizio gets an A+ for this event! Very knowledgeable and made everyone feel so welcome! Great job. • Very impressed with overall program. David was great. Kudos to all student aides! Special kudos to Emily, Gerry, and Abbie. I think the Crucial Campus Issues was a great session to see in the summer – opens up lots of conversations. Biggest disappointment was Study Abroad talk. It lacked excitement and purpose for someone that believes in study abroad as part of a liberal arts education this struck me. Daniel Wright Graham, NC – fantastic memory piece! Great video. • What an incredible experience! We have every confidence that our daughter’s journey at Bradley will be successful. Thanks to the faculty and staff and students and student aides, RA’s, ARA’s and all! Many thanks! • Excellent program! Hats off to David Trillizio, great face to the organization. The program eased transition for my son and me. The program increases chance of a successful freshman year. • I think the third day was too much. • So thankful you hold orientation! David and Greg are excellent speakers. Very motivational and they know their
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