Gertrude Hamlet Character Analysis

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Angel or Demon?
Behind every great man is a great woman. Hamlet and his characters, a subject from which I could write an entire book. A work in which men seem to be the center of attention, but in which women undoubtedly play a great role. Gertrude, Hamlet's mother and queen, is a controversial character who raises many questions and gives rise to many theories. As we read the work, questions arise such as: who is really Gertrude? The frail woman that Hamlet paints us or the mastermind that does not have a hair?
To understand the character of Gertrude, we first must understand Shakespeare. According to Paul Edmondson this writer had a great talent when it came to mature female characters. Shakespeare liked to show the whole combination of faces and nuances of female nature in his tragic circumstances. This writer was influenced by the forms of interpretation existing in his time at the time of writing his works. Shakespeare played with multiple “faces”, with the double character of angel and demon.
Gertrude is one of the most mysterious characters that we can find in this work. This mystery arises mainly by the ambiguity of the character and because the internal action of Gertrude in the work remains hidden. This character seems to show a “face” of a victim, a woman who gives off a rather peaceful domestic air, in the middle of a family conflict where her nature as a woman is divided between her son and her lover. Many times, what is not said is more important than what is
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