Gertrude's Role In Hamlet Essay

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Gertrude desire to stay queen had led to the failure of noticing Hamlet’s attitude towards her resentful new marriage. Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother the widow of old king Hamlet and the wife of claudius the old king’s brother claudius. her feelings for her first husband has not been revealed yet, her relationship with her second husband’s guilt or sons accusation. she plays a major role in Hamlet’s inner life he complains about his mother failure to honor his father's memory, his doubt about her seems to color his response to ophelia. she accidently dies at the end of the play when she drinks a poison that was intended for her son. (Harold Bloom). At the play Queen invites hamlet to sit near her she is definitely trying to make him feel like he had a place in the court of Denmark. She…show more content…
It seems like Gertrude is a loving mother but at the same time she’s doesn't seem to pay attention towards her son's attitude r or she doesn't know how to help him for instance she said to him that “every man dies” in a way that Hamlet should just accepted the fact that his father is death not realizing the pain he’s going through.
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