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Instructional Unit on Ecology Week 6 Zachary Spooner SEI 500 January 14, 2014 Michael Conway SIOP® LESSON PLAN Date: 12/5/12 | | Zachary SpoonerGrade/Class/Subject: Grade 8, Team A, Science | | Unit/Theme: Introduction to Basic Concepts of Ecology Standards: Region: USA- NAS- Science Education Standards National Academy of Science Type of Standard: Science Content Standards Grade Range: Grades 5-8 Content Standard: Life Science Area- POPULATIONS AND ECOSYSTEMS: A population consists of all individuals of a species that occur together at a given place and time. All populations living together and the physical factors with which they interact compose an ecosystem.…show more content…
It covers the same information in the text but uses more simple language and includes pictures associated with each vocabulary words. This is supplementary to the text so EL students and English speaking students should each read both the handout and the text. The only exception would be for EL’s who’s language challenges make it impossible for them to gain any comprehension from the text. Most EL students will be encouraged to at least spend some time trying to read and understand the text before goig over the handout. * Pass around some interesting photographs relating to ecological systems to help gain some interest and motivation around the topic. * Further build interest by discussing some interesting topics and facts related to ecology and

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