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Family Counseling Approach Research Gestalt Family Therapy Gretchen Thomas Liberty University Abstract Not every client will be of the Christian faith. With that known, proper integration of psychology, spirituality and theology is imperative to have a successful and healthy therapeutic relationship. There are many theorists with distinctively diverse approaches. The Gestalt experiential family therapy process allows professionals the flexibility to individualize their procedures while maintaining an unyielding theoretical background. The way one views integration has a lot to do with their worldview, which determines their use or lack of use of spiritual methods in counseling as well as…show more content…
251). How one goes about helping the client reach this goal depends solely on the professional. It is important that the working professional is aware of and conversant of counseling techniques and models that will integrate their worldview. The experiential model of therapy’s purpose is analogous to that of the ambition of the effective biblical counselor; to possess a goal in favor of the individual development of the client, exemplifies the manifestation of the image of Christ, rational stability and declaration in positive personal decisions (Crabb, 1977). Although the experiential model does not coalesce spirituality within its assertion, the model allows for the counselor to contour each use to that of the client. The role of the invitational psychoanalyst is to support clients in dealing with life’s concerns and enhance their existence and potential (Purkey & Schmidt, 1996). Ultimately this is the goal of all counselors and models; however it is how the professional chooses to demonstrate these goals that will determine the success in its use. The objective of the experiential therapist is change for the betterment of the client. Kempler (1981) suggest that by encouraging self disclosure within the family unit the will or need to resolve family dilemmas will give each member the courage to expose their vulnerabilities. This

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