Gesellschaft And Organic Solidarity

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The social structure that bests fit my community would be organic solidarity, and Gesellschaft. Organic solidarity is a theory that Emile Durkheim use to help illustrate social structure. He hypothesized that a society’s structure is determined by its division of labor and the task individuals perform to ensure society will function properly (Lesson5, Video). To me organic solidarity is defined as a big, diverse society with people of different personalities, cultural backgrounds, and values coexist. Valdosta displays the elements of organic solidarity in many ways. Gesellschaft is very similar to organic solidarity it is a theory that was composed by Ferdinand Tonnies. Tonnies theorized that social structure is driven by a community’s size and willingness to change (Lesson 5, Video). In my own word Tonnies theory means that a society structure directly correlates with the size of the community and the effort that those put into show. The social structure of Valdosta is displayed through the theories of organic solidarity and Gesellschaft directly. The characteristics that serves as example are…show more content…
Many of the people that reside in Valdosta are here for either the University or Moody Airforce Base. People that commute here for school chose a major that interest themselves then obtain a four year degree that promotes their self-knowledge in the area of their choosing. Most students serve an internship in the community of their schooling and this is putting that knowledge back into the community and helping its social structure. Internships range from Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Future educators, and more. Those residents that are here for Moody Airforce base are station here after being job trained and promoting self interest in their field. These positions rage from Pharmacist, physician assistant, airplane craftsman, chemical scientist, and
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