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Gestalt Psychology Reflection Paper PSY/310 Desirèe Ray 2/1/16 Melody Thompson The word Gestalt means a unified whole. Based on that understanding, Gestalt psychology looks at things as a whole versus in pieces or parts. The thoughts of Gestalt psychology is that we are processing the world around us, we don’t just focus on the small, seemingly insignificant things. Instead our mind perceive our surroundings as parts of a greater whole. The Gestalt psychology school played a major role in the study of human perception and sensation. The guiding idea behind Gestalt psychology is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Gestalt psychology was found by 3 principle psychologists. Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka, and Wolfgang…show more content…
While Koffka is credited with hi contribution to Gestalt psychology, he may be best noted for his systematic application of gestalt principles. In Die Grundlagen der psychischen Entwicklung (1921; The Growth of the Mind), Koffka applied gestalt psychology to the mind of an infant implying that infants experienced organized whole in the world around them. Wolfgang Kohler is the third major contributor to Gestalt psychology. He is also famous for his description of insight learning, which primarily tested on chimpanzees. Both Kohler and Koffka served as test subjects for Wertheimer during their time to together. Kohler set out to establish that animals learn through insight rather than the trial-and-error process, which is largely dependent on rewards and punishments; that was discussed at that time. Kohler established 3 properties of insight learning. 1) in-sight learning is based on perceiving to the problem. 2) in-sight learning isn’t dependent on rewards. 3) Once a problem has been solved it is easier to solve a similar problem. Collectively, these 3 individuals set the tone for and created many aspects in the study of psychology. The gestalt principles of perpetual organization are * The Law of Similarity- states that similar things appear to be grouped together. * The Law of Good Continuation- which states that reality is organized or reduced to the
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