Essay about Gestalt Play Therapy: Theory, Techniques, Applications

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Gestalt therapy is a type of therapy used to deepen our awareness of ourselves. According to O’Connor and Braverman, (2009) “Gestalt" implies wholeness. “Gestalt therapy is a process-oriented, experiential therapy that is concerned with the integrated functioning of all aspects of the person: senses, body, emotions and intellect.” Gestalt therapy can help shed light on suppressed feelings by helping us to focus our awareness on our feelings in the “here and now.” Once recognized, resolution of uncomfortable feelings, correction of habitual negative behavior patterns, and recognizing and changing negative thought processes can become a part of the therapeutic work. Through this form of therapeutic process, individuals …show more content…
Wertheimer posited the theoretical position that thinking proceeds from the whole to the parts. (Miller, 1975) In treating a problem as a whole, the whole would dominate over parts, resulting in a synthesis. In this theory, the concept of grouping understanding aspects of visual and other stimuli which cause the subject to interpret a problem or perceptual event in a certain way is important to understanding the therapeutic process. The inception of cognition starts with a problem. The problem causes tension, the tension produces strain and the strain would prompt the individual to attempt to ameliorate the situation. The Gestalt process of resolving a problem is to proceed from a bad gestalt to a better one. In the selected case study, The mode of therapeutic intervention will take the Gestalt Play Therapy focus. The interaction between Jacob and I will be an open dialogue with straightforward caring, warmth, acceptance, and self-responsibility that specifically focuses on inclusion, with me fully present in the experience of Jacob, where I will not judge, analyze, or interpret what is observed. My presence refers to expressing observations, preferences, feelings, personal experience, and thoughts to Jacob. Commitment to dialogue will present the opportunity to encourage a sense of connection between Jacob and me. Our dialogue will be active and nonverbal or verbal. It can be any modality that expresses and moves
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