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Gestalt Psychology Reflection Michael A. Perkins PSY310 January 26th, 2015 Dr. Shannon Kelly Gestalt Psychology Reflection The Gestalt psychology movement was fascinating within the time frame in which it started to develop. While other psychological movements strived to boil down psychology in almost simplistic, scientific terms, Gestalt psychology embraced complexities within the consciousness. Gestalt psychologists argued “that when we look out a window we really see trees and sky, not individual sensory elements such as brightness and hue” (Schultz & Schultz, 2011). There is more to what we experience and see that just the simple elements that make these things and experiences up. Gestalt psychology owes much of its…show more content…
Essentially when taken as a whole, this forms the basis of thought that the mind takes events in as a whole instead of breaking them down into measurable or distinct events. The idea is that the whole of an experience has more meaning than the experience when it is broken down. Gestalt psychology is built upon principles of perceptual organization. These are proximity, continuity, similarity, closure, simplicity, and figure/ground (Schultz & Schultz, 2011). Proximity is things that appear to be close together and therefore are perceived together in an experience. A personal example of this would be relating certain songs to experiences that occurred. Continuity is best described at experiences that happen within a natural flow of time, such as the experience of going to work which contains getting ready for work and arriving at work. Similarity refers to experiences that that are similar in nature. For example, my perception of all the holidays I spent as a child tends to be perceived as great because of their similarity. Closure refers to our ability to fill in gaps in experiences (Schultz & Schultz, 2011). Simplicity refers to simplistic perceptions that cannot be further simplified (Schultz & Schultz, 2011). Lastly there is figure/ground. The best way to describe this is perceptions that are taken within a context. Gestalt psychology was an immediately more complex

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