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Theory Overview Founder and developer of Gestalt Therapy, Fritz Perls MD, PhD, was born in 1893 to a Jewish family and passed away in 1970. Perls became inspired to start Gestalt therapy after his experiences with soldiers in World War I that were dealing with side effects due to being gassed. With the help of his wife, Laura Posner Perls, PhD, a strong foundation for Gestalt therapy was created. They wanted a therapy that stressed the importance of humans as a whole rather than as a sum of discretely functioning parts (Corey, 2013, p.193). Gestalt Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that focuses on the client’s level of awareness in connection to the world, others in their world and past experiences. Powered by several main…show more content…
Since this process is always vulnerable to interruption and distorting forces, therapy is called upon to restore lost connections between moments of experience. (p. 16). Gestalt therapy primarily focuses on the current situation but looks at the circumstances and past influences. This allows for a stronger focus on the current emotions and feelings. The client gains the ability to understand and become fully aware of what is being experienced rather than just interpreting the experience, helping them discover patterns in their behavior that can be positively changed. Strategies and Techniques The techniques utilized by Gestalt therapist, tap into the clients ability to communicate conflicts they are having. These techniques consist of the empty chair technique, past experiences in the here-and-now, analyzing dreams, and the use of questions. The empty chair technique puts the client in a role-play that has the client speak to an imaginary person that is someone in their life located in the empty chair. The client sits opposite off the empty chair playing both roles. This helps address conflicts or relationship issues for the client; to stimulate thinking and to highlight emotions and attitude (Tillett, 1984). Using past experiences with the here-and-now mentality help clients who are dealing with unresolved conflicts. It has the client do reenactments, transforming the issues into present-tense and bringing them to the now. They are bringing about

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