Gestalt Therapy : The Phenomenological Method Of Awareness

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1. The basic tenants of gestalt therapy focus on the phenomenological method of awareness. This means that feelings and perceptions are distinguished from interpretations of previous experiences and attitudes. What is currently being perceived and felt is more important than anything that could be interpreted. Because of this, gestalt therapy focuses more on process rather than content. It is more important to emphasize what is happening with current thoughts and feelings than what has happened in the past or what could happen in the future. In gestalt therapy the relationship between the therapist and client is the most important aspect of the therapy. This is because “dialogue” is an important tenant to the therapeutic process. This dialogue is based on experiencing the other person as he or she really is and showing the true self. This way, the patient isn’t being manipulated towards a certain goal. In doing this, the patient is in charge of their own growth and self-support. Personal responsibility is very important in gestalt therapy.

2. A gestalt therapist may understand pathology as someone who is unable to move forward in life because something happened that has discouraged his or her ability to move on. They tend not to make decisions and are stunted in their progress through life. However, this person is considered healthy when they can focus on the present. They don’t think of previous experiences and “what was,” but rather they focus on what is right now and
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