Gesture Vocalizer

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Microcontroller and Sensors Based Gesture Vocalizer

Abstract: - Gesture Vocalizer is a large scale multi-microcontroller based system being designed to facilitate the Communication among the dumb, deaf and blind communities and their communication with the normal people. This system can be dynamically reconfigured to work as a “smart device”. In this paper, microcontroller and sensors based gesture vocalizer is presented. Gesture vocalizer discussed is basically a data glove and a microcontroller based system. Data glove can detect almost all the movements of a hand and microcontroller based system converts some specified movements into human recognizable voice. The data glove is equipped with two types of sensors: The bend sensors and
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There is a technical issue at this stage of the project that is if we convert the analog output of the accelerometer, which ranges from 1.5 volts to 3.5 volts to a digital 8-bit output the systems become very sensitive. Reason is division of 2 volts range into 256 (28 = 256) steps is much more sensitive than converting 5 volts range into 256 steps. Now the question arises, why do we need a less sensitive system, the answer if a more sensitive system is used then there is a huge change in the digital output with the very little tilt of the hand, which is difficult to be handled.


Fig. 3: Amplification and Attenuation Circuitry
Solution to this problem is to increase the range of the output of the accelerometer by using an additional circuitry. This additional circuitry increases the range of the accelerometer from 2 volts range to 5volts range.The circuitry shown in Fig.3 is used for theamplification and attenuation purposes. Amplification means amplification of upper range i.e. 3.5 volts to the 5 volts, and the attenuation means the attenuation of lower range i.e. 1.5 volts to 0 volts.

3.2 Tilt Detection

The basic function of this module is to detect the tilting of the hand and sending some binary data against meaningful gestures, to the bend detection module. The output, which is obtained from the accelerometers after amplification, is an analog output. To deal with this analog output, and to make it useful for the further use, it is required to
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