Gesture and Its Role in Classroom Communication

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Critical Analysis Essay In the article Gesture and its role in classroom communication: an issue for the personalized learning agenda, Wall (2006) argues that even though there has been much research regarding interpersonal communication in the classroom, it has primarily focused on verbal interactions between students and teachers. He contends that further research is needed in the area of nonverbal communication, specifically the use of gestures. For true personalized learning to be effective, the teacher must be able to assess whether or not each individual student understands the material before moving to other topics, the student must be able to understand what is being taught, and the teacher must be able to interpret the student’s…show more content…
The second issue that Wall (2006) explored was the use of gestures by the teacher to help transfer knowledge to the student. He contends that teachers have awareness that the gestures they use affect the students’ ability to learn, but that more research is needed regarding exactly what teachers should be doing to enhance their use of gestures. However, there are some recent studies that were intended to determine which types of non-verbal cues might enhance learning. By clicking "JoinSchiaratura and Askevis-Leherpeux (2007) conducted a study to analyze the effects of non?verbal behavior of an examiner on students taking standardized tests. The study was conducted with two groups, one in which the examiner adopted a “warm” non-verbal style, and the other, a “neutral” style. The styles were defined by the following criteria: posture (leaning forward vs. sitting straight), facial expressions (frequent smiles vs. blank face), visual behavior (frequent vs. infrequent eye contact), and vocal cues (warm vs. expressionless voice). The study found that, regardless of the current achievement level of the student, those in the “warm” group performed better on the tests. This has definite implications regarding tests such as the SAT that are used as a tool in determining placement of the student. Many external and unrelated factors might affect
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