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The American dream for women is to have a toned, fit body that all other women will envy and men will long to look at forever. Many different workout routines and products flood the market trying to persuade athletic women. For a workout product to appeal to an athletic woman, the ad must show the female reader the unique qualities that stand out from other products. With bold copy, an aggressive illustration, and dominant design, this Nike ad, "MAKE YOURSELF FIT" persuades to the female reader that they can be determined to get fit and also get noticed by others when wearing Nike. The bold eye-catching copy that pops out gives the athletic reader the immediate energy to get fit. This ad shows its dominance by occupying …show more content…
"FREE" is in an italic font that looks as if it is ready to run off and start a race. "XT" is in a narrow font that represents a fit body. It keeps women's attention and causes them to read the rest of the next statement. "START WITH YOUR FEET, AND GET FIT FROM THE GROUND UP. INSPIRED BY NIKE FREE TECHNOLOGY, NIKE FREE XT QUICK FIT FLEXES AND RESPONDS TO YOUR FOOT'S NATURAL MOTION AS YOU WORK OUT, FOR A MUSCLE-IGNITING, HEAD-TURNING, UNSTOPPABLE YOU." The entire worded message is all in capital letters and in the same white font that references the other copy in the ad. The worded message shows Nike's product, Nike Free XT, is a shoe that cannot compare to other brands. "NIKE FREE XT QUICK FIT" is in hot pink and the font that matches the rest of the statement. The name of the shoe keeps women's attention and makes them anxious to get the product and start working out. The words muscle-igniting and head-turning are bold and aggressive words that give women confidence that Nike will help them get fit. The aggressive words in this ad play into the athletic woman's mind. One researcher, and an expert in advertising, Jib Fowles, states that "the need to dominate and control one's environment is often thought of as being masculine, but as close students of human nature advertisers know, it is not so circumscribed. Women's aspirations for control are suggested [...]" in

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