Get Smart: I.Q. and Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Get Smart: I.Q. and Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence is considered to be one of the most desirable personality qualities in today's society. Expectant parents are told to read and play music to the fetus, in order to stimulate its brain. Being bright is often thought of one the keys to success in life, and highly intelligent people such as Albert Einstein are celebrated. However, despite all the tests and criteria that measure intelligence, the question still remains: what is intelligence? How can it be measured? Is there only one kind of intelligence, or do humans possess several? These seemingly simple questions have proved to be some of the most perplexing and contentious topics in both public and scientific circles.
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tests that supposedly measured "intelligence quotient" were regarded as such accurate predictors of academic success that most subsequent intelligence tests were based on them, and are still in use today. Intelligence tests do not measure one thing, but are comprised of a number of component subtests that require individuals to perform various cognitive tasks. The test score is supposed to measure the common factor, frequently referred to as general intelligence or "g" that runs through performance on subtests.

"G" was proposed by the British psychologist Charles Spearman, and was based on a statistical technique he invented called factor analysis. Factor analysis determines the minimum number of underlying dimensions necessary to explain a pattern of correlations among measurements (3). He considered this theory as evidence for the idea of intelligence as a single entity that could be scientifically represented by a global measure. He noticed that various measures of performance tended to be highly correlated, indicating that performance was dictated by one general characteristic, hence g can be extracted from scores on any diverse battery of tests. Spearman was careful to state that g was merely a magnitude and not a factual representation of reality. Moreover, the universal
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