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How to Get Through High School
Many people struggle in high school. I’m doing alright, and I’ll tell you why. I’ve decided to focus my essay on what steps and tactics I used to have a good high school experience, things that I also plan to use in college. I’ll sum it all up in 5 steps too. If you think I deserve a scholarship, hey I’ll take it. If not, life goes on.
Step 1: Make friends. Friends are crucial to surviving high school. But not just any friends, you need good friends. Friends that will drive to you if you have a flat tire at 1am. Friends that don’t make you want to do bad things unless they are good bad things.
Step 2: Do good bad things. That may sound like an oxymoron, I know. I’m not trying to sound like an idiot in a scholarship
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The BEST way to be nice in school, and I’m not kidding here, be generous with your gum. I’m dead serious. You will make more friends in high school giving gum, than you will helping someone pick up their books or doing any of the other weird things people and counselors tell you to do. Just be generous. It will carry over, help people when no one is watching. Then everyone will like you, and your experience will be much better.
Step 4: Stand up for yourself and others. So at this point, you’ve made friends, you’re nice, and you’re generous. Most people by now will like you. You have friends backing you that you know no one is gonna stop you from being you. If you see something that bothers you, say something. Odds are you were the only one brave enough to say it. BAM. More people like you. You’re killing the school thing at this point.
Step 5: Okay so you’re having a blast. School is a breeze, everybody talks to you, everyone likes you. But unfortunately, school is school and you have to work hard. That’s right. It sucks but, you gotta do it. Get good grades, and it’ll be worth it when scholarship opportunities like this one pop up.
I plan on using these same steps in college. If you think I will be successful, hey, help me
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