Getting A Flu Shot At A Local Doctor's Office Case Study

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Introduction The ability to eliminating waste is an important part of any business structure. In many cases, businesses view that their processes that are being followed are both efficient and getting the job done, however when examined, the businesses may be able to see that the processes are failing them in one or more places causing waste to occur. The types of waste that are often found in a doctor’s office include: correction, inventory, wait time, motion, space, processing and complexity. In this paper, the process of getting a flu shot at a local doctor’s office from a few different points of view and will be examine for lean processing and eliminating waste. The process that is formally defined and recorded in a business…show more content…
The largest and most notable area of waste is time. Most of it is wasted on the patient and very rarely do doctors see a patient at the scheduled time of the appointment. On average, the time the patient arrives at the doctor’s office to the time the patient sees the doctor could range anywhere from less than 45 minutes or more than two hours. For example, the patient generally waits upon arrival, again in the exam room before receiving any service, and considering paperwork is necessary for every appointment, all these can factor in how long it takes a patient to see a doctor for a simple flu shot. Another area of waste is the assignment of task. For example, if a medical student is doing his/her residency, they may perform the vital checks and inquire about the medical history. Flow Chart of The Process That Actually Exist Potential Problems or Elements of Waste in The Process Examining the process, there is a great deal of waste occurring. One element of waste in the process is that the check-in process is manual. Computer systems are used once the patient submits the required paperwork and provides valid insurance cards. Another element of waste in the process is that the patient sees the nurse and the nurse in turn relays the information to the doctor before the flu shot is administered. If the doctor has multiple patients that day and some are receiving different treatments, there is a line up to determine the order

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