Getting A Good Job For College Degree

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Jobs are getting harder to come by each and eveyday. It used to be one could count on getting a good job if a college degree was acquired. With a growing population and growth in technology an education is more important than ever. However does everyone deserve an education? And does everyone have the right to the same caliber of education. I believe everyone, no matter from what background, deserves a right to a proper education and deserves all of the same opportunities and everyone else. People should not be forced to accept a lower standard of learning due to their sociaeconomical status. Many great leaders have come from meger beginnings. Education today is ran the same it was years ago and things simply aren 't the same as they were back then. Schools were designed based on the presumption that there are only two types of people, the intelligent people and the unitelligent people. This notion is simply not true. People were divided by their intelligence to do certain jobs and so forth. The people label unitelligent were forced to work with their hands and do blue collar jobs , like construction work or moving furniture. People who were actually very intelligent were led to believe that they simply weren 't as smart as other people. We know now that education is something for everyone and almost anyone can succeed if given the proper guidance and opportunities. Education was broken down into how smart people are with certain students who were given
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