Getting Away With Murder Due

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Getting Away With Murder Due to Violations Christy Bourke-Sturrup Criminal Evidence and Procedures Professor M. Noe January 5, 2015 Abstract Getting Away With Murder Due to Violations Have you ever heard the phrase, “make sure your ducks are in a row”? Often there are times in the criminal justice system when there are ducks missing or have been knocked over for whatever reason. Outcomes are never good when those ducks are not in order. If someone commits a crime then of course they deserve to suffer the consequences, but what if were are circumstances and questions as to whether evidence, confessions, and information was obtained legally or not. Would that change your mind as to putting the guy in jail? America is about justice and rights. If you want justice to prevail then you must follow the rules and get all of your ducks in a row. Violations of someone 's rights can lead to parts are the case being dismissed or even the whole case. The constitution and the amendments are there are a good reason and not just for reading. Getting Away With Murder Due to Violations A train will stay on its intended path unless it has been directed or caused to go a different way. Now as you imagine that train that is 50 cars long traveling down the train tracks it continues at a steady pace. One small action like a pebble or anything on that track can causes the whole train to derail. But it does not all derail at once, it starts with one car getting knocked off the

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