Getting Away With Murder Essay

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It is true that countless destructive avenues exist that are harmful to the health of today's youth: from the use of illegal drugs and excessive drinking, to hasty decision-making and limitless relationships. Damage is done to their bodies and minds, but their emotional and spiritual health has also been affected and infected. Let's consider a parent's discipline for a minute. Parents punish their children because they dislike seeing misfortune consume their nearest and dearest. They detest considering that their offspring will make the same mistake twice so they implement a punishment. Some parents carry out this form of guidance for their child from their birth until death. Now let's consider the government as a disciplinarian. When…show more content…
Why not? Emotionally she is not healthy. She has been forever scared and will never be the same.

Why is acceptable to let a woman go through such a cruel procedure? The argument is based upon two questions: Are humans valuable for who they are, or for what they can do? and Is truth true, or is it only a matter of personal preference? Like choosing what kind of ice cream you're going to have after dinner. Everything in the abortion argument comes back to those two questions. Some people think it is fair enough to kill newborns because they have no value. Defining people by what they can do, and not by who they are goes like this: since a cow has more conscious awareness than a newborn, then it is the cow that is a person. In the same since, a dog being more aware of itself than a fetus, the dog is then considered more of a person than the fetus because the fetus is not able to do the things a dog can.

A girl in Dallas, only six days after September 11, who said that she didn't want to judge the terrorist for what they did, doesn't believe truth is true. She believes that what is true is just a matter of personal preferences. "You like chocolate ice cream? Well, I like vanilla, let's not judge one another." First, we must simplify the issue of abortion.

Most young adults wish to marry one day and have children. Let's imagine, for my childless sake, that it is 15 years in the future, and I am now married with a five year-old son. He comes into the kitchen

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