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Getting Dodger Reflection: Some animals can become great pets if you know it

I felt shaky, and excited at the same time, because I was going to have a chance of having a dog. As I felt my nerves starting to tremble, me, my sister, my mom, my dad, and brother hopped into the car. We were rushing to get to Santa Monica to go meet some dogs at Much Love Animal Rescue. As we were on the road, I was thinking of the dogs my mom had shown me on the website. “Flower, a pitbull mix, Lance, a beagle whippet, and Thor, a papillon and shi tzu mix.” I nodded my head.
“Pretty good mixes.”
About an hour and a half later, we finally arrived at the Much Love Animal Rescue, which was in Santa Monica.

At the rescue, my sister Vivie
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When Josh said that, I jerked my head back, with a disgusted look on my face.
“I’ve always wanted a dog, Josh. You can’t ruin this for me.” There was an awkward silence, and that meant to me that the conversation is over. We both walked over with our sister, mom and dad, without making a vision of each other. As we walked, still we had made no eye contact.

We were all walking down, with Lance, and I realized he pulled a lot. In surprise, I was thinking while walking, “Lance is part beagle, which meant that they have a tendency to sniff a lot, which leads to pulling on the leash.” As my brain went “WHOO-HOO!” with dog facts, I also just realized something: Lance might be our future dog! I jumped up and down filling with happy thoughts and excitement. This time, we have a chance of getting a pet.

As we were all walking down, we all realized that Lance pulls more than usual. We were all looking at eachother back and forth like rams before a fight. Then out of the blue, I stated, “Lance is part beagle, so he has a tend to smell things.” Everyone nodded. “When he has a tendency to sniffs things,” added Mom, “it leads to
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