Getting Employees on Board

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How do we get employees on-board? In 2012, the for-profit postsecondary global market reached more than $96 billion dollars. While is constitutes less than 10% of the global postsecondary market, it is expected that the for-profit sector will outpace its not-for-profit peers in years to come. Postsecondary education includes programs offered by colleges, universities, and other adult training programs. Schools generally fall into one of three categories: public not-for-profit, private not-for-profit, and private for-profit. For-profit postsecondary schools are attractive to due to their student-centered, job-oriented focus. With recent regulatory changes, for-profit postsecondary education companies are focusing on improving retention and graduation rates. To achieve this, for-profit educational entities must acquire and retain high quality educators. Most educators in postsecondary schools come directly from the field and often work other jobs. They do not have backgrounds in the field of education. As adjunct instructors, they are often encouraged, but not required to attend professional development and miss opportunities to connect with others within the corporation. This may result in culture shock for the new instructor that leaves them feeling unprepared and disconnected. Problem statement Middle and upper management in for-profit postsecondary education entities are largely responsible for hiring and developing competent and happy employees. When employees are
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