Getting Into Character Assignment As Terry Mcafree

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Getting Into Character Assignment as Terry McAfree
My grandfather’s trusty, old analog alarm goes off at 9am every morning. I look to my bed side to see the collection of pictures depicting my coalminer family dating back generations. My great grandfather, Bobby Sr., was the first to settle in this Appalachian town. This is the little house he build just close enough to the coal mines to be safe from a collapse, but never too far too walk a few miles. This bed, here, was my mother’s. I hand sewed those curtains when I was a little girl. After my husband’s passing due to lung cancer, I’ve lived in the house alone. I took care of John, for two years before he passed. The coal mining community is my home. It never seemed like I had the choice to leave. I went to the local community college and got my associate’s degree in environmental studies. After working odd jobs for local environmental organizations, I have retired to a modest living in my home town. The traditional coal community is no longer a booming industry, but the same chemical smell still engulfs the air.
I get out of bed and do my daily stretches. I have arthritis in my knees from doing all of those odd minimum wage jobs for the miners as a young lady. Then, I brush my teeth with my tap water that just tastes like Appalachia. My usual breakfast, two boiled eggs and toast are ready in less than 10 mins. After all of this is done, it’s about 9:45am. I am ready to get dressed and go on my daily walks around town. I

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