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Our first subject of study, Stella Adler, was one of the students of Stanislavskiz and was the only American actress to study under him. Although, I didn’t identify with all of Stella Adler’s technique’s as a whole as it doesn’t seem to take as in depth of an approach as some of the other acting methods, some of her techniques such as “acting is doing” I found very helpful. When Adler says acting is doing she is referring to how every actor must have a purpose for an action. I found this to be important for me to remember as often I found myself in my scenes doing way more than I needed to. I always had to remind myself of what Meisner said, “less is more!” Also, Stella Adler’s approach to training the imagination so that you saw in …show more content…
I am at my best when someone pushes me out of my shell and that is why I enjoy a brutal honesty between my acting partner and myself.
For my own acting method I identify most with the teachings of Sanford Meiser. His process in finding realism within imaginary circumstances is one that is unparalleled. His method is effective for me as I do not like technicality while acting, I prefer to rely purely on emotions. I believe actors should be attempting to put themselves within the shell of the person they portray. So much so that what they do as that character, becomes as real as if they themselves were the character. I disagree strongly with Strasberg’s acting method in that actors can just tap in to past emotions in order to play their character. I do not believe if an actor has to play an emotional scene they need to remember when a relative died, or something else extremely emotional happened I their life. Not only do I believe its cruel to the actor, I believe it is cheating in that the actor cannot possible be in character if their mind is elsewhere. Stella Adler said about the Strasberg method that “Drawing on emotions I experienced, for example, when my mother died to create a role, is sick and schizophrenic. If that is acting, I don’t want to do it.” Some of what Strasberg says however I do agree with. Besides Strasberg’s “affective memory” idea, I agree with everything else he has to say about Method acting. I like the idea of

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