Getting Into The Future For My Life

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Looking into the future for me, is like looking into a deep, dark tunnel. I know something is there; I just don’t know what. The unknown that is life, terrifies me as much as it thrills me. I have a whole life ahead of me that could go in any direction I want it. I know what my aspirations for my future are; the biggest quest is achieving them. The first big milestone in my life that I hope to achieve is graduating college, hopefully in good standings. I hope to have a balance figured out not only so I don’t become too stressed with the idea of college, but also so I actually graduate with a decent grade point average. To be able to manage the work demand for my classes, extracurricular activities, and the rest of my free time is high on my list of priorities. I want to be independent without being a crazy party person or a complete introvert. I want a college experience that I will be proud to remember; including all of the friends I made along the way, the things I did, and the places I saw. Finally, I hope to take those skills that I will learn in college and apply them to the workforce in order to further my adult life. I don’t want a job when I graduate. I want a career where I look forward to going to everyday. My goal is to have a place to work where I am comfortable and capable of doing everything in my power and more to achieve something in the agriculture industry. I want to live my life and not just wish for the weekend so I can escape my job. I want to love my
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