Getting Into the Mind of a Late Medieval Peasant Essay

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Getting Into the Mind of a Late Medieval Peasant The middle Ages were dark and gloomy. People lived in castles and rode on horses. They constantly fought each other with swords and shields. That mainly sums up the Middle Ages, right a world with no technology sounds almost horrifying. However, there were many forms of “Medieval Technology.” Of course they didn’t have electricity or batteries in the middle Ages, but that’s not all technology is. Technology is the application of science, especially in industry or commerce. So basically, anything that improves or makes life easier is a form of technology. With that in mind, the invention of those swords, shields, and castles of the middle…show more content…
Hence, the windmill and water mill of the middle Ages were very important industrial advancements. Medieval Industrial Technology has also been characterized by many agricultural improvements. Medieval farmers used the heavy plough to loosen soil for seed planting. It originated in Asia Minor, but was later used in Northern Europe. These ploughs were normally mounted on two wheels, and pulled by several horses or oxen. The heavy plough was also used to rid uncultivated land of weeds and other vegetation. Even though it did not destroy most plant root systems, it did expose them to the air, which inhibited their growth. The “ditches” created by the plough also slowed erosion caused by heavy rains. Before the heavy plough, most medieval farmers used a “lighter” plough. Unlike the heavy plough, horses and oxen did not pull the light plough. This was a major difference in the effectiveness of the light plough. The horse collar or horse harness was only used with the heavy plough. The collar puts the workload on the horse’s shoulders instead of the back or neck, such as in earlier models. The horse collar allowed horses to use more power without straining their necks or backs. Medieval Farming benefited immensely from these two important, agricultural inventions. Medieval Construction and building also benefited from the invention of the horse collar. The

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