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Name: M. McIntyre Course: Comm 1001 Lecturer: Patrick Prendergast School: University of the West Indies Due Date: November 30, 2012 Gordon, K. Getting it Write (1999). Ian Randle Publishers, Kingston, Jamaica. This review will cover Ken Gordon's Getting it Write; this book is an autobiography however it also aims to give a concise overview on the growth and development in the media industry, its effects on Gordon and his involvements in its development within the Caribbean region, namely Jamaica to Guyana. It also provides information on his background and upbringing, beginning with where he grew up on St.Vincent Street in Trinidad. He describes this place to be a blast of fun during the period which he grew up. He was…show more content…
Even though things got pretty steamy between Ken Gordon and Prime Minister Williams, nothing too serious ever happened, the most serious incident documented was when Gordon, representing the Express Newspaper, asked a question in regards to some building permits and no response was forth coming and he asked again several times, and that's when Dr. Williams simply replied 'impertinent' and shortly after ended the conference. It was said that Dr. Eric Williams died lonely and disillusioned having simply lost the will to live (p.27). Having finally receiving a well desired and well deserved position at the new Trinidad television station; he was also appointed the second general manager of the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce after Roland Gill, his predecessor, suddenly died of a heart attack. He set out to re ignite the fire of the Chamber of Commerce on a regional scale as by now the organization had practically died. He planned on literally traveling the entire region to convince young executives to rally and pull the organization from the ashes. He also encouraged the carnival idea to a number of countries, even though many were not so keen about this, especially Barbados, it was accepted and is now a staple activity among annual celebrations in the region. He did not know it at the time but the regionalism of the Chamber of Commerce would give birth to what became Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce on April 13th 1971, these travels were
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