Getting New Jeans Three Weeks Ago

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I was on my way to Target to get new jeans three weeks ago. My pants were starting to get too tight because my eating habits were unhealthy and I knew it. I was driving down Ward Parkway planning on what to buy and planning the rest of my evening out. I planned on making myself a new recipe for a veggie and pesto pizza I saw online while I drink a beer or two and read my assigned readings about the Holocaust. Then a wave of guilt overcame me and slapped me in the face. Why would I allow myself such luxuries while I read about such a horrific event? I felt disrespectful just thinking of having the ability to sit in the comfort of my own home, make delicious, abundant food, drink a beer, read on my comfortable cushioned couch and heated house while I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to receive an art education and take a class about the Holocaust. It was from that point forward where I started to become aware of my privilege. During the Holocaust the spiritual, physical, psychological, culture mind had degraded after twelve years of dehumanization and incomprehensible events and this is something that shows up in all of the films. It is my duty to give my upmost respect and honor the readings, films, and history of the Holocaust.
The first film we watched was The Boat is Full directed by Markus Imhoof. The main topics and issues this film covered were the complications between Poland and Switzerland during the Holocaust. Poland was largely anti-Semitic and was seen as an…

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