Getting Out Of High School-Personal Narrative

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I started my high school career in the fall of 2014 at Euclid High School. It was a humid day. I was scared that my hair was going to be ruined due to the humidity and, ruin my day being that it was my birthday. I wasn’t nervous about being in the high school. I was most excited about getting out of school early and, that I only had four more years of school left. The transition from middle school and high school was pretty easy for me. Seeing as though that my best friend brother’s were already in high school, they would tell us stories about school, and that it isn’t what they show on tv.

I thought high school was going to be like the television show Glee. Full of drama, hopes, wishes, and dreams. In some ways it was. Many people had big personalities and often said everything they were thinking. There were no music, no kids bursting out of
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I met a girl named Destiny in my Spanish one class and we hit it off. We had the same taste in food, movies, and even music. The only different about us was our personalities. I was more outspoken, she was quite. I was goofy, she was more reserved to herself. That friendship didn’t interrupt the friendships I had in middle school. It was nothing against her she was really cool, but my friends and I had a tighter bond that couldn’t be broken.

We started changing our style, wanted to look the part of someone in high school. We started shopping at different stores to make us look more mature. I even started wearing my hair different, I got real creative with my hairstyles. I went from pulling my hair in a little bun to wearing a short curly bob. It didn’t stop there. I even went has far as putting blue yarn in my hair. I didn’t know how well this was going to go over so, I posted a picture to see what response I was going to get before I wore it to school. I get so much good feedback, people started asking to do their hair the same
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