Getting Published For The First Time Is Not An Endeavor

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Getting published for the first time is not an endeavor for the faint of heart. Manuscripts must be in professional form and timed just right when reaching the decision-maker 's desk. But, one publisher has made an industry of printing books written by women, for women. Seal Press, a subsidiary of Perseus Books, deals with a wide range of women 's issues, written by those who lived it and know. There are no stern restrictions with topics, but they distribute such categories as feminine studies, parenting, food, fiction, dating, career and business, home buying, humor, self help, sports , poetry, African American studies, and more. If you have something to say that will benefit a woman 's life, Seal Press is interested in you. As an…show more content…
In addition to domestic distribution, Seal Press also sells from in Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Women 's issues about life, emotion, and relationships are a universal internal process. While some specific cultural situations are tied to certain geographic areas, the inner most thoughts and emotions of women remains the same. Issues to European women and beyond are just as sharp and biting as to Americans. Seal Press has captured that market that women demand, and if you have a story to tell, they want to hear from you. Making a will is a part of life that many people do not want to think about. It can be difficult to actually sit down and think about your death, and what you would like to take place after you are gone, but it is very important and many people do not know the reasons why should they make a will. Having a will provides your loved ones with several advantages. If an individual dies without a will his estate will be distributed as prescribed by law. If a valid will is left, the property goes accordance with the provisions of the will. I am sure no one would want their property to be handled by law. Therefore, a will should be made while you are in sound mind so your estate can be distributed as you wish. Another advantage is in the cost and time for settling the estate may be reduced. Other advantages are: one can name an executor, a guardian designated
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