Getting Ready For College Essay

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Many students view the high school to college change as a very rigorous task and require assistance. However, pushing for college readiness at the elementary school level is just too much to ask for in kids. I agree that all kids should be well prepared for college standards, but starting at an age where kids are still having recess is not the right time to do it. Schools should wait until students can fully understand what college will mean to them and how to get there before trying to initiate college plans, because they will not take it seriously, it will put too much stress on their young minds, and it will also take away from their time to be a kid. Students in grade school shouldn't be tasked with finding colleges or scholarships at such a young age, because they will not take it as seriously. Kids minds are still maturing at this age and have little room for anything else that could add to their list of things to do. Forcing a…show more content…
Many worry about parent teacher conferences, work ethic or even behavior. Preparing students for college at this level will only add stress to their growing minds. Making kids think about scholarships and grades will only plague their readiness for college. Teachers should not expect these kids to show their full potential at such a young age. The students will have a hard time taking in all this information and will probably lead to them to lose interest in the subject and to stop trying to do their best. The rigors of college can put a heavy burden on their growing minds and discourage them from putting in extra work. Opposers may say that the kids can handle the stress, because they have nothing else go worry about, but that is simply not true. Although, adults can not see into the lives of every student, we must infer that they do not all live a worry stress free life in or outside of
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