Getting Rid Of Sports In Schools Essay

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For many years, people have debated about the importance of keeping sports in academic environments, or getting rid of them. Athletic activities have always been in U.S schools, but getting rid of them could allow kids to focus on their studies and increase their academic skill. Therefore, sports should be discarded in academic institutions to save money, allow more time for kids to study, and have additional activities available to students.

Saving money, especially for schools, is extremely important because they can use it to expand a student’s horizons towards academic activities. According to an article by Amanda Ripley, Premont Independent spent more than $520,000 on activities, supplies, and traveling for sports (11). Ripley continues saying that hiring substitutes for teachers and chaperoning trips for sports can become quite costly (11). This shows that having sports could be a bad choice for schools to make if their goal is for students to
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In Premont Independent School District, the high school's science labs were infested with mold resulting in the classroom being shut down (Ripley 11). In addition, the elementary school had not had a music teacher for years (Ripley 11). This information shows that the school district’s priorities could have been put in the wrong spot. In conclusion, opening a number of academic programs would have been a better decision.

It is now assured that keeping kids occupied with supportive assignments will be effective in the future. While sports have its own advantages, they can become very risky with cost and opening other, academic activities to students. Therefore, allowing non-academic activities to be promoted to students is definitely an option not to be considered for schools if they want their kids to be
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