Getting Rid Of The Criminals

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getting rid of the criminals. But, he can also be seen as a villain due to his cold blooded behavior in eliminating criminals. The Punisher’s biggest belief is that the law is unreliable and criminals cannot be changed. But, is the Punisher a hero or villain? Like Batman, the Punisher is a vigilante. He chose to take the law into his own hands and the loss of his family is his driving force that makes him unstoppable and stubborn. It is also forgotten that his special operation training contributes to instinct to take lives (Norkey). But in our world and the character’s world, both Batman and the Punisher are looked up to by many despite their gray areas. Many can relate to his crushing loss or mentality, whether or not they consider him a hero or villain. The Punisher is “not held down by this sense of goodness and mercy” which is why it is easy for him to permanently eliminate criminals (Norkey). He can be seen as a hero because he left the good people in his city to live lives with less fear of criminals coming back to hurt them. The way he takes out criminals is a significant grey area in who is character is (which usually involves a gun) because he finds pleasure or ease in spilling the blood of these criminals. Whether he is a necessary evil or not he has still helped to eliminate some of the worst threats in society. Those in which he saves in his world find peace and new found happiness when the Punisher renews their sense of safety. The difficulty in deciding
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