Getting Rid Of The Mandatory Essay

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Getting Rid of the Mandatory
There are several different ways a judge can hand down a punish for a crime that a person commits. A first-time drug offender would be required to either enter a rehab program or serve a prison term. One of the most disproportionate way is to sentence a first-time offender is by immediately handing down a lengthy but mandatory 10-year prison term for just having a few ounces of any type of drug. Mandatory minimum sentencing is defined as that if an offender is convicted of the crime that they must be imprisoned for a minimum duration, as against to leaving the length of punishment up to the judges, (, 1). Susan Grigsby is a writer for the DailyKOS web-blog in her article titled, “Why Dropping Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentences Will Not Solve All of Our Prison Problems”, getting rid of the mandatory will not solve over-crowding. Daniel Horowitz is a writer for the Conservative Review media group who interviewed Jeffery Sedgwick in his article titled, “Busted: The 10 Most Dangerous Myths about Criminal Justice Reform”, this source is debunking myths about the cost. Michelle Ye Hee Lee is a writer for The Washington Post News Paper wrote a piece titled, “Yes, U.S. Locks People Up at a Higher Rate than Any Other Country”, she covers the high incarceration rate in the US even though crime is low. Michael Gonchar is a writer for the New York Times he wrote an article titled “What Should Be the Purpose of Prison?”, He covers what prisons
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