Getting Something with Nothing: Way to Be Immoral Essay

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No sooner had single light turned on green than rainbow poped up, and the unknown sound waved around it. That rings familar: it is downloading a music file that becomes our life. We know not only it is very useful and entertains us but sometimes can be illegal if done without paying for copyright. Honestly speaking, although informed of the two sides of a coin, we are inclined to the bright side of benefit; so are students at Pennsylvania State University in the United States. They also know downloading illegally is against the uni rule and the state law, but play on it due to an easy online access and the fact that many of them already enjoy a media file for taking, thus think it of not being immoral. Although it rings true as what brings…show more content…
The cost on me is so painful that I might eat nothing but a dust in the end. Nevertheless, I usually do share my food with my peers. Why? Because I know the benefit to distribute is much more than a loss. In the same way, many a listener can make an economic and aesthetic gain by downloading music for free. Though producers may receive some damage, they can also do interests for advertising their works for which some might pay. So the action seems very ethical. All for that, it is after all unethical, since it makes a conccesion to society in long consequence, whch falsifies the moral reason. Then, how does free download slim down the social growth, and why does it matter with happiness and ethics? The social growth includes a variety of fields, such as ecnomics, science, and culture. So if you do not pay for a song and enjoy it, a producer has low income, and makes less exciting artwork next time, which means the growth is in danger. In acient Greece, the philosopher Aristotle stated what raises the growth of society is moral, and what stifles it is immoral. In fact, benefit for majority is one thing, and that for society is another. For instance, while sharing my food with friends somtimes is under control, doing always, at home, school, even hospital, is hardly acceptible for me. Because I may starve to die! So they do sometimes, knowing that they will not get anything unless I am alive. Did you catch it? So merely downloading a file without paying is against the
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