Getting The Most Out Of Education Essay

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Getting the Most Out of Education The importance of an education has increasingly been supportive throughout the beginnings of civilizations around the world. During the early centuries, there was a push in order to achieve advancements in technologies and improve everyday life. Another reason was in regards to religious faith, to become informed about those practices and ways to reach salvation. Contrastingly, there was a need for the rulers to keep their subjects in their place, to make sure that their intellect would not interfere with the laws established. These aspects can still be seen in society today, although not to an extreme because there is a greater sense of equality than previously. Moreover, writers have addressed education topics thoroughly through the course of history, examining the faults in the systems, and offering their own ideas that could be constructed upon. It is key to instead of focusing on specific knowledge, the education system in a free society should encourage students to cultivate their own ideas as well; and thus, allowing them to be more productive and engaged citizens. In the academic world today, much of education is geared towards vocational studies, rather than liberal studies; this is especially true in Western societies and throughout grade school. According to Seneca’s On Liberal and Vocational Studies, the distinguishing feature between the two studies is the effect on personal growth, in which liberal studies is for the free
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