Getting Thinspired: The Danger of Pro-Ana Websites

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Young teenage girls are tempted towards deadly lifestyles due to the Internet’s wide array of pro-anorexic websites; these sites provide images and advice for those desiring to get thin quickly, resulting in healthy young girls developing life-threatening eating disorders. Pro-ana websites wage war on the developing minds of young girls. These dangerous resources support young girls in their quest for weight loss, though it is not in a positive way. Photos and forums located on these websites suggest unhealthy methods in which to achieve thinness. Pro-ana websites provide an easy means to lose weight. Their tips and tricks work, and though they cause great health risks, users lose weight. “…very young girls are spending a significant…show more content…
Morris takes samples of “commandments” and places them in her article: “Being thin is the most important thing in life. You will feel guilty every time you eat” and “Being thin and not eating are signs of true willpower and success.” However, if it becomes necessary to eat, lists of negative calorie foods are provided on many pro-ana websites. These foods are recommended to lead the families of these girls into thinking they are healthy. Eating while around people disproves any theory they could have come up with about an eating disorder. Though most pro-ana websites are available to the public, a few exist that are private, and warn those who are not yet caught in the thin trap to exit the site right away. Those wanting to become anorexic are labeled “wanorexics”, and they are not tolerated these websites. They are exclusive to those who have been suffering for a while, and to get in requires a conference call (Whitehead 606). According to the National Eating Disorders Association, anorexia holds one of the highest death rates out of all mental conditions. If girls read informative sites rather than biased bone-loving sites, they would realize that the risk outweighs the benefit. If girls read informative sites, they would learn that in an anorexic person, “the body is denied the essential nutrients it needs to function normally, so it is forced to slow down all of its processes to conserve

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