Getting What they Wanted in the Book, Jake Reinvented, by Gordon Korman

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Have you ever really wanted one thing in life? I mean like you really wanted it. What would you have done to get this thing that you really wanted. This happens to many people throughout the story of the “Jake Reinvented”. All though there are many themes throughout this book, I think one of the very important or I guess main theme in this book is that some people will do anything to get what they want. They will even give up something that they really love or are good at. They will lose friends, get in trouble and even get sent to some other town to get what it is that they want. One of the characters in the book is the character Dipsy. Dipsy is a young man that talks a lot about animals that live in the sea. He goes in to the ways that he sees relate to what is going on with him or around him. Dipsy does not play any sports or do any activities. But he really wants to fit in with the football players. He will do anything and put up with anything in order for them to like him. Like on page 47 it says that Dipsy was in the basement passed out with no pants on. Dipsy actually loses his pant many times throughout this book. At just about every party he goes to he gets his pants stolen but he keeps coming back for more. Dipsy is always there when he is needed though like on page 202 Dipsy is the only one that comes to jakes court case. But after the case Dipsy gave up on trying to hangout with the football players and he also stops going to the games. So as you can
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