Getting a College Education, The Difficulties and Importance

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Newfield’s book discusses many issues that college students face during the course of their stay at a university. From the moment you show interest in a school, until the moment that you graduate, being a student is can be difficult. With that being said, for some student prospects, the opportunity to even set foot into a classroom is far from attainable. Why is it that so many people have such poor chances of getting into college? Why is a bachelor’s degree so hard to attain while it remains so necessary to get a decent job? Newfield answers many of these questions in the first few chapters of his text, Unmaking the Public University. Several examples that he mentions in his book are similar to my own college experience.

In chapter 2, Newfield discusses the idea of political correctness. One of my very first college friends was a little person named Bekah. She was the coolest girl I met in my entire freshman year, but she definitely had a lot of run-ins with the “M” word around college students. She always kept her cool and never let the person know that they hurt her, but deep down I’m certain that she was hurt deeply every time. The idea of political correctness never really occurred to me because all of my previous encounters with friends and family were usually politically correct. What I mean is that I haven’t had anyone that I care about that has to deal with the hate that comes with being a little different. It was very interesting to read the text after having
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