Getting my Masters of Social Work Degree

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I have been working as a social worker for the past three years. In all these years, it has always been my desire and passion to acquire enhanced social skills and knowledge to help me empower disadvantaged individuals and families take control of their lives. My desire therefore to pursue a Masters of Social Work degree (MSW) has been inspired by over three years of continuous work with families, children, youths and adults who require support to cope and combat oppressive structures and social injustices. It has therefore been my dream to pursue MSW program which I believe is the only program that can help me to accomplish my goal.

Since childhood, my parents, teachers and pastors, have often taught me to be considerate of
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My role as a human relations agent at the Inuulitsivik Health Center in Nunavik, is the second reason why I believe Victoria’s MSW program will be a good fit for me. I discovered from the Inuit population in Nunavik that the system has oppressed them for so many years but little is being to address their needs and aspirations.

My current role as a child welfare practitioner is third reason why I am applying for the Victoria’s MSW program. I believe the school’s educational mission will further help me in working with individuals and families from a critical point perspective by focusing on the structural, feminist, and Indigenous levels of oppression. I am aware of my power as a child welfare worker and how I sometimes create a dominate relationship to a family with child protection concerns. Thus, I believe that the university’s MSW educational mission combined with their scholarly mission to sharing and creating knowledge from a critical view could help me to improve and integrate more anti-oppressive practices as a parent child capacity building practitioner.

Over my period of volunteer experience and professional work, I have taken special interests in children and families because conflicts in the home have steadily increased over the years. My area of interest I will critically explore therefore during my graduate education is, “Aboriginal Parents and Child Protection Concerns”.

According to an article on,
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