Getting the Measure of Crime Essay

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Getting the Measure of Crime What practical problems does the criminologist face in going about his business?

What does an informed examination of hidden crime tell us about (1) official criminal statistics and (2) The nature of social order?

Are there such things as victimless crimes? Why?

In my essay I will first talk about crime and what it means, I will then talk about what different methods criminologists use to collect crime such as crime surveys and self report studies and there positive and negative sides. I will then go on to talk about victimless crimes.

The definition of crime is something that is punishable by the criminal justice system, and is “An act
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They measure the rates of victimisation by questioning a randomly selected sample of the population about experiences as victims of selected crimes. They are one of the most frequently used and claim to be the most reliable indicators of the true levels of criminality in society. Their results can be used to make a fairly reliable estimate of the extent of those particular crimes in society but can only help estimate the levels of particular crimes and do not record the true level of crime in a particular part. It is also not well placed to measure crimes such as drugs and consensual sexual offences. Positive points about crime surveys is that not only do they count crimes rates, many collect additional information about crime, victims and the police. They record both reported and unreported crimes and can also look at public attitudes to the police and use it in preventing and dealing with crime. (William.K,2001)

Another way of collecting crimes rates is by self report studies, these can be in the form of a questionnaire or interview. Self report studies are mainly used to test hypothesis about the reasons for
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