Getting to Know Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus, as we now know he accomplished a lot during his life. Although many are disputed and questions have been raised as to why we celebrate Columbus Day. One could find the when, how and where of Christopher Columbus an interesting subject for discourse. After all, we are talking about the man who discovered the land we now call America. We will not even consider the people, the Native Americans who lived here first as discovering America. Maybe it should be taught just a tad differently and instead say that Columbus discovered American for Europe. In the year 1451, Genoa, Italy, Christopher was born to Domenico and Susanna (Fontanarossa). Christopher was the oldest of five brothers. Genoa was a seaport city located on the northwest coast of Italy. Completing his education at an early age Christopher began sailing on trading trips. As the years passed, Christopher moved to Spain, where he eventually changed his given name Cristoforo Colombo to Cristóbal Colón since He began a map making company with his brother Bartholomew in 1476. By 1479 Christopher had met and wedded Felipa Perestrello Moniz a daughter of a Portuguese Island Governor. Felipa gave him a son Diego in 1480 shortly before she passed away. In 1488 his second son Fernando was born to Beatriz Enriquez de Arana. Now that we are ready to begin our own voyage of discovery about the man himself Christopher Columbus.
Northern Africa was controlled by the Turkish Empire in the late 1400’s, which
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