Getting to Know Hermes

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Hermes is a great ambassador of gods, the guide for human souls to the underworld, and a wise God. Hermes is the messenger of gods, because he has the magic sandals, which provide him the ability to fly. Hermes’s name in Rome is Mercury, meaning moves quickly through the sky. Hermes Greek name means fortune stone. He is an only Olympian who empower to travel through the Olympus, Earth and underworld. Moreover, Hermes is not only son of Zeus, but also known as a great helper for his father, Zeus. However, he is notorious as a thief, traveller, and a merchant. Usually, Hermes carries with himself the caduceus with twin snakes wrap around in hand, wings at heels, and the dark helmet on head (Skidmore, Joel). In a conclusion, Hermes is considers both good and bad in Greek mythology. Hermes was born as a son of “player” Zeus and “mountain nymph” Maia. His father is describes as a lady-killer, and due to the long list of women that his father has been playing around with, Hermes has a lot of half-siblings (Bakula, Jean). Hermes’s mother is Maia, a mountain nymph. She is recognizes as one of the Pleiades, and a daughter of the Titan Atlas. He was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia in Southern Greece ( As a bantling, he was growing up extremely fast, unbelievable. Right after a few hours of birth, he already escaped from his mother’s sight, and went searching for adventure. His first profit was his half-brother Apollo’s cow, but later he exchanged
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