Getting to Know the Machón Family

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The couple lives in El Monte, CA and has been married for 3 years. When it comes to social class they are considered to be apart of the working class. A family is described in textbook terms as a bond by emotional, biological, economic attachments. But when the couple was asked to describe what they believe to be a family they responded by saying, “If I feel an emotional attachment to the person or animal then they are family.” With that being said, it was no surprised that the couples believed that they had 4 family members. They were very quick to include their two dogs, Frijol and Lady as part of the family. In ever family the definition of a family is different, and rapidly changing. The next set of questions prepared for the family had to do with the responsibilities of the each member. There are many day-to-day tasks that are needed to be completed to keep the family functional and happy. Both Ivonne and Marvin are social workers for the city of East LA, and Ivonne has recently decided to go back to school to peruse a Master degree. The couple has to work 10 hour daily, keep food on the table, a roof over their head and feed there “children” aka Lady and Frijol. Socity has a general expectation of the women being the one the one to prepare dinner, doing the shopping, etc. And on the other hand the man is suppose to be the breadwinner and be…

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