Getting to Yes Essay

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“Getting To Yes” is an excellent book that is very easy to read. Every chapter has some excellent points that can always help negotiate an agreement without giving in completely. I am a manager of a directional drilling company in Midland. I have 39 employees that are under me. By reading this book it has given me plenty of tools to talk to my guys in situations where both of us need to compromise to get what we want. The first chapter talks about not bargaining over positions. Most people negotiate by staking out extreme positions in the beginning and then negotiating towards a middle ground compromise. This is a bad idea because right from the start both sides are committed to their position and will defend it to the end. This…show more content…
That is a very useful tool. I really enjoyed reading Chapter 4 where it talks about how most negotiations can’t end with both parties walking away happy at the same time. In order for both parties to walk away satisfied four obstacles must be overcome. The first obstacle, premature judgment, is a common mistake. You have to be sure to invent different options in order for everyone to walk away happy. The second objective is remembering that there is more than one possible answer. By looking at multiple options it will be easier to come to the best decision. The next objective is the assumption of a fixed pie. If one of my employees comes to me asking for a raise and I can’t give them the full amount then they may think that they are losing the situation. But I can explain to them why we can’t do the full amount and offer to meet them in the middle and provide options in the future on how we can get to their goal. The last objective is thinking that their problem is just their problem. If one of my employees has an issue it automatically becomes my problem. The last thing we as a company need is an angry employee out working for us that isn’t happy with his job. The section of the book that I enjoyed reading most was Chapter 7 “What If They Don’t Play”. This is something I deal with on a weekly and almost daily basis. My boss is very self centered and egotistical. If it wasn’t his idea
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