"Getting to Yes" Report

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Negotiations Getting to Yes is about improving your negotiation skills. First, it goes through the disadvantages of the classic positional negotiating tactic that involves taking a stance and slowly reaching an agreement after each party makes multiple concessions often ending with less than anyone wants and a poor relationship between parties. After that, it discusses principled negotiation which, in short, is focused on separating the people from the problem, focusing on the interests of the parties and not their positions, inventing multiple options that look for mutual gains through brainstorming activities, and basing the end result on objective standards. This is the bulk of the book and there are many examples ranging from…show more content…
There was a lot of talk about thinking about the negotiation objectively. This will require me to prepare for the meeting/phone call by getting multiple ads for similar vehicles, invoices for very recent repairs like brand new brakes, tires, and significant engine repairs that I wouldn’t have paid for if I knew my car was going to be totaled 3 months later, and information on the Kelly Blue Book value of the car. It was mentioned many times that preparation can be the key to success. After the adjuster tells me what my car is worth, I will try to direct the conversation by asking how they came up with that specific number, and if they have taken into account all the extra options and recent repairs on the car. I will do my best not to yield to pressure, to assure the adjuster that I appreciate that they are doing their job (hopefully separating the person from the position), repeat back their point of view in order to understand their position entirely, clearly state that I want a fair price based on objective criteria, ask the adjuster if they would sell their car for an amount that was derived from the methods used to price my car, and I will not get angry, decide on a price in the first meeting, or attack their position. When buying my new car, I will prepare ahead of time to know the costs of the cars I’m looking at and always keep in mind that my BATNA will be to just go to another dealership. In the future, I
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