Gettysburg Address

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Every year in January near my home the Oak Grove A.M.E. Church hosts an MLK Jr. walk in remembrance of Dr. King marching through this are to end segregation and help African-American's receive voting rights. He slumbered at the church and it means a lot to me to show respect for him doing what he did. When doing things for others you feel a strong inspiration inside of yourself at least I do. I love the fact of making a difference for anyone it doesn't matter the cause because everyone feels strongly about something so why not support them. I have been attending this walk for Dr. MLK Jr. since I first moved here to Mississippi. Not knowing really how important this walk was back in '05 but now I understand how important it is and I try to get each and every soul I know to attend. Showing dedication to someone has done everything for not only African-American's but…show more content…
King is an honor in my eyes. He sacrificed so much for my race and gave us advantages that we thought we would never be able to partake in. This walk has helped me see what is important in the African-American culture. I have accomplished something that no one even knows I have accomplished. I have accomplished the fact of being a firm believer for my culture. It may not be much but it means something to me. In this day in age, other races always stick together, but, in the African-American culture we have those who do not believe in helping out their own and I want to make sure I let my cultures voice be heard. If I had to walk by myself for Dr. King I would. I can never understand how the African-American culture can bypass any opportunity for our culture to be unheard and let things remain as they are. This is not what Dr. King and others marched for. We have to make sure we keep the legacy alive. And I want to make sure for my own perseverance that I keep it alive. He endured too much for us to not show gratitude to a man of such
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