Gettysburg, By Ronald F. Maxwell

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Knowledge about past significant events is crucial, as it helps us to understand exactly what helped to shape our country the way it is today. This information can only be gained by accurate depictions of historical events, which is evident in the film, Gettysburg. The epic war film, Gettysburg, is directed by Ronald F. Maxwell in 1993, and is known for its accurate depiction of the clash between the armies of the Union and Confederacy in a small Pennsylvania town, during the Civil War in 1863. Gettysburg is based on the famous book The Killer Angels . Through close analysis and observation it is evident that Gettysburg, is portrayed as an objective re-enactment of the events that occurred in The Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War.…show more content…
That summer was especially harsh on both sides. The casualty lists were extremely lengthy as the two sides faced off in some of the deadliest engagements of the war.

Guns and Tactics

Military tactics and strategies are depicted in a historically accurate way for both the union and confederate armies. The rank of a Civil War soldier indicated his duties and responsibilities within the army. The vast majority of men who fought in the civil war were enlisted men who fought as soldiers. Above them were non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers. While officers had more prestige than soldiers, they also had a lot more responsibilities, since they were accountable for all the soldiers under their command. In the movie we can see that General Robert E. Lee and General Reynolds are clearly in control and have the highest control of dictating soldiers, with who have lower ranks. Furthermore this attribute can be further seen when Colonel Chamberlain (in the Union army) speaks to the 20th Main, on whether they should continue to fight with the Union. The motivational speech emotionally expatiated, indicates the true power and ability high ranked soldiers have during the Civil War. The speech is clearly able to motivate and persuade the young men to fight against the Confederates. This ranking hierarchy
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